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SEPCOIII wins the bids of 2 projects continuously

2019-11-15 11:15:24

Recently, SEPCOIII received the bidding letters of Inner MongoliaKeyouzhongqi PV poverty alleviation village project and Qinghai Hainan State 10million kilowatts new energy base booster station project continuously, and the PV market added new achievements.

Inner Mongolia Keyouzhongqi the 13th five year second bath PV poverty alleviation village project shall make plan to build 72 village PV poverty alleviation projects which is joined in 3 PV projects and the total capacity is 13.87MW. The 3 joined PV projects are located in Haoyaosumu town, Bayanhushu town and Gaoliban town of Xinganmeng Keyouzhongqi in Inner Mongolia. SEPCOIII wins the bidding of Bayanhushu town as EPC contractor, and the project capacity is 5.397MW. Keyouzhongqi is national poverty alleviation and development important area. The PV poverty alleviation is the main form of industry poverty alleviation and also the important measure to win the poverty alleviation battle. The first bath PV poverty alleviation project had combinedto gird on June of 2019. The second bath will strengthen and improve thepoverty alleviation achievements and make improvement role on the unified of energy economy and social efficiency and targeted poverty alleviation.

Qinghai Hainan state 10 million kilowatt new energy base booster substation project is located in Qinghai Hainan state 10 million kilowatt new energy base industry park. The project includes 3 330kV booster substations and also is the most important accessary project of Qinghai Hainan 10 million new energy base 3000MW PV project. SEPCOIII wins the bidding of NO.1 and NO.3 booster substation as general construction contractor. And the project plans to achieve the operation condition on June 30, 2020.